Dodge Ball

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Get hit and you are out in this fast-paced classic outdoor game.

Number of participants: Not specified
Intensity level: High
Preparations: None or not specified.
Equipment: a soft rubber ball

Divide everybody into two teams and have them stand facing each other inside two equal playing areas. Give the soft rubber ball to one of the teams. When the host shouts “Go!” the player throws the ball and attempts to hit a player on the other team. When a player gets hit, he/she must go to “jail” behind the opponents’ playing area. The jailed players can catch any balls that come back there and throw them at their opponents. Hitting an opposing player sends that player to jail. Balls that bounce before hitting someone don’t count. If a player catches the ball on the fly, he/she is safe and the player who threw he ball must go to jail, if not already there. Continue playing until all players on one side have been eliminated.

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