Dizzy Lizzy

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Run around a stick in circles and try to run straight!

Number of participants: Not specified
For: adults.
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: You are going to need 2 broomsticks or sticks.  A clear place inside where there are no breakbables or have it outside.
Equipment: a broomstick or stick

“Dizzy Lizzy” is a fun game but should be played outside or in a large area inside.  Breakables should be moved out of the way too. You will need two broomsticks or something similar to use. This is going to be a relay race with teams. Divide your guests into two teams. The two sticks will need to go down at the other end of the room or garden. On the word GO, the first player on each team takes a turn.  They need to run down to the other end of the room or garden to get the stick or broom. They need to hold the broomstick or stick upright and place their forehead on the top of it.  They will be looking at the floor. Next, they run their legs around the broomstick or stick in a circle, while keeping their forehead on the broomstick or stick.  Each players team will count that players circles up to 10.  Warning, you will be very dizzy on your way back. When they are finished they will run back to their team and tag the next player to do the same thing. The game will go on until every player has finished. First team to finish wins.

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