Cotton Ball Transfer

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Scoop as many cotton balls from one bowl to another by spoon and being blind folded.

Number of participants: 3+
For: adults.
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: You will need to get 2 chairs, a bag of cotton balls, a large spoon and a blind fold.
Equipment: 2 chairs, bag of cotton balls, a large spoon and blind fold

“Cotton Ball Transfer”  is such a funny game, everyone will be laughing and teasing each other by the end of the game! This is mainly for individual players instead of teams. The supplies you will need are  two bowls, two chairs, a large ladle type spoon, a bag of cotton balls and a blind fold. You will need to set up the chairs at least 5 feet apart facing the same direction. Place a bowl on each chair. You will place the cotton balls in one of the bowls. The first player is blind folded and than turn them in a circle a few times. Put them in front of the chair with the bowl of cotton balls. Put the large spoon in one of their hands and place the large spoon on the bowl with the cotton balls just so they know where it is. Set the timer for 90 seconds. On the word GO, they will  begin scooping cotton balls into the spoon and try to put them into the empty bowl on the chair that is 5 feet away from the first chair. When each player has finished, count only the cotton balls that made it into the other bowl. Keep score of each player on paper until all players have had a turn. The one to transfer the most cotton balls successfully is the winner.

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