Circle Of Truth

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Ask the question only if you really want the truth.

Number of participants: Not specified
For: adults.
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: none
Equipment: none

The name of this game, “Circle of Truth” says it all.  Have all of your guests sit in a circle.  One of the guests will call out a question, “Has anyone farted from laughing so hard?”.  If the answer is yes to the question, the player or players will move a seat to the right.  They must move even if the space is still occupied by another player.  The questions can get as personal as you want but just take into consideration the guests and their attitude.  The game will go on until one player comes back to the seat they started in.  Considering the fact that you may end up on someones lap during the game, it may give you the opportunity to meet someone new really well.  Just remember to pack those breath mints before you leave for the party just in case you become really close to another player during the game.  Have fun playing the game.

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