Circle of Trust

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Trusting the members of your group is the object of this noncompetitive game.

Number of participants: 5+
For: For youths over 12 years and adults.
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: None or not specified.
Equipment: None or not specified.

Have a group of six to twelve players form a circle. One player stands in the middle of the circle, eyes closed, with hands crossed in front and resting on opposite shoulders. The players in the circle have their hands up and legs slightly bent, ready to catch the player in the middle. On the count of “Three!” the player in the middle allows his/her body to stiffen and fall straight back. The other players gently catch and hold him/her above the ground.  The supporting players then slowly carry the reclining player around the room, before gently putting him/her back down, feet first.  Then the next player from the circle has an opportunity to be in the middle. Continue until all players have experienced the circle of trust.

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