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Children silently act out clues for their team to guess!

Number of participants: 5+
For: For kids and adults of all ages.
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: Buy cards to act out or make up cards.
Equipment: Paper for Score Sheet

Divide children into two teams. The first team to play will choose an actor. The actor picks a card and has 60 seconds to act out the phrase on the card. For example, if the card says “hockey player”, the actor must try to act out actions that will allow their teammates to guess “hockey player”.  Teammates can call out guesses, and if the actor’s team guesses correctly, that team gets 2 points. If the team does not guess the charade, the other team receives one chance to guess. If the opposing team guesses the charade correctly, they will receive one point.  It is then the second team’s turn to act. Game play continues until a team reaches a pre-determined goal (ex: first team to reach 10 points wins).  The first team to reach the goal will win the game.

For younger players, an adult can whisper a simple charade into the actors ear.

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