Boys and Girls Names

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Can you remember names and try to think of new ones at the same time?

Number of participants: 3+
For: For youths over 12 years and adults.
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: Nothing
Equipment: Nothing

“Boys and Girls Names” will need to be played with 3 or more players. Have all the players sit in a big circle. You will need to pick a player to start the game.Then you start with girls’ or boys’ names, start with the letter A. So the first player must say a girls’ name that starts with the letter A. Seems easy but it gets a bit more difficult. You must clap to a rhythm: twice on your lap, once with your hands, everyone together. By the time everyone has clapped twice on their lap and once with their hands, the name must be called by that player. If they do not make it in time, they sit back and the circle is filled in. Let’s say they did say a  name in time and they said Alice, then the next player would say a boy’s name with a B.   Some players get confused if they are going to say a girl’s name or boy’s name so you must be on top of things.  The last player in the circle wins.

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