Blindfold Drawings

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Children love to see the outcome of these blind drawings. A great, silly game for parties!

Number of participants: 3+
For: For kids under 12 years
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: none
Equipment: Paper and Pencils

In this game, each child will take turns, one at a time.  Blindfold the first player and sit them down at a table with a piece of paper and pencil. Assign something to draw (boy playing baseball, girl jump roping, etc…).  Allow the player enough time to draw the picture while blindfolded.  Other items can be added as the child is drawing.  For instance, once the child has drawn a girl jumping rope, ask them to now add the sun and two clouds to the picture.  These extra touches make the pictures humorous.  Give each child a turn to draw the same picture, and add on a different addition for each child (one child the sun, another a tree, another a bush, etc…). Once everyone has had the chance to draw, children get the chance to see all the drawings next to each other.

*For added fun, children can vote on the funniest picture and award a prize.

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