Balloon Stomp

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This fun-filled game gives children the opportunity to work off some energy. Stomp your opponents balloon before they stomp yours!

Number of participants: 5+
For: For kids and youths aged 7-16
Intensity level: High
Preparations: Blow up balloons.
Equipment: Balloons, Ribbon

Blow up one balloon for each child and attach a piece of string or yarn to the end of it.  With the string, attach one balloon to the left leg of each player. Divide the players into pairs that will work against each other. On the word “Go!”, players use their right foot to try to burst the balloon of their opponent. Children are not allowed to hang onto each other or pull on each other’s clothing.  Stomping with the right foot is all that is allowed.  If the balloon is popped with a hand or other instrument, it cannot be counted as a win and the other player will continue on to the next round.  The first to burst their opponents balloons win and will go on to the next round.  This play continues in rounds until only player remains with a balloon intact.

*Do not play with younger children (toddlers).  Younger children are more likely to get hurt.

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