Balloon Popping Contest

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Playing Balloon Popping Contest is a great exscuse to play outside.

Number of participants: Not specified
For: adults.
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: You will need to decide on how many people you think will want to play.  Multiply that number by about 5 or so.  That number is how balloons you will need to inflate.  Make sure to over inflate them to make the popping easier.  You also will need to plastic garbage bags to hold the balloons at the other end of the course.
Equipment: inflated balloons, two plastic garbage bags

The “Balloon Popping Contest” should be played outside so make sure that the weather is nice.  You can either separate the guests into teams or have the men vs the women.  Men vs women is usually the best way to play because you have lots of joking back and forth.  Have a bag of inflated balloons for each team about 25 yards away.  To make sure that the balloons pop a little easier, over inflate them.  At the word GO, the first player from each team runs to the other end and grabs a balloon out of the bag.  They must pop the balloon and than run back to the other end where the team is waiting.  The next player is tagged and they run down to the other end, grab a balloon, pop it and run back to tag the next person.  The first team to finish is the winner.  To change it up, instead of the of the player that runs down to the other end to pop the balloon, they can bring it back to the starting line.  The player must take the balloon and try to pop it between them and the player next in line.  No hands can be used.  Once the balloon is popped, the player that helped with popping the balloon goes next and it is repeated until one team finishes.

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