Balloon Challenges

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This balloon game holds a surprise for any child left holding the balloon! Pop it to see what’s inside!

Number of participants: 3+
For: For kids under 12 years
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: Write some challenges down on small scraps of paper (examples include: sing a song, do a ballet move, say the alphabet backwards). Blow up several balloons and slip a challenge inside each one.
Equipment: Balloons, Paper

Begin by writing children’s tasks on small pieces of paper.  Blow up balloons, and insert one task into each balloon until all tasks are accounted for.  Clear an area on the floor or on the ground.  Sit children down in a circle and set up a radio or cd player.  Have an adult play some music.  Once the music starts, have children begin passing one balloon from one to the next until the music stops. The player who is left holding the balloon when the music stops must pop the balloon and complete the task hidden inside.  Children enjoy watching the player complete the task.  Once complete, another balloon is handed out and the music begins again.  The game is continued until all of the balloons have been popped.

*This game is more enjoyable when the tasks are silly.  Have children act out animals, dance like a ballerina, or even eat mustard with this fun game!

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