Bachelorette Treasure Hunt

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Nothing funnier than watching a bride to be go on a treasure hunt.

Number of participants: 5+
For: adults.
Intensity level: High
Preparations: You will need to think up a list for the bride to be to follow and collect items.
Equipment: You will only need the list to follow during the night

This party game is a funny way to spend the evening out with friends and as a bonus, it embarrasses the bride to be.  What is better than that?  Just kidding, maybe.  A week or two before the party you will need to come up with some things for  the bride to be to do.  Come up with funny or embarrassing things that she normally would not do.  The night of the party you give her the list and tell her that she must do everything on the list.  Now the fun can begin!  Some examples for the treasure hunt items that she will need to gather during the night are a book of matches from each bar you go to.  A shot glass or two from a bar but try not to get caught.  A dinner receipt if you go out to eat before the treasure hunt.  Some dry rice will be good because it will be hard to find.  Gum or breath mints is another good choice.  She may have to ask a gentlemen or two for those.  She could try to get five guys to buy her a drink during the night.  A really good one would be to get a guy serenade her.  The ideas are only limited to your imagination.

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