Baby In The Air

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Try to catch a water balloon that has been thrown into the air wihtout breaking it.

Number of participants: Not specified
For: adults.
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: You need to by a couple bags of water balloons and fill them with water.
Equipment: balloons and water

“Baby In The Air” requires at least five balloons filled with water. Have your guests stand in a circle. A random playerwill give each player a number, including their own.  That same person will go in the middle of the circle and throw a water balloon high in the air and at the same time yells out, “Baby in the air, I call number…” and a number is chosen. The player who has that number will try to catch the water balloon.  If they miss the balloon and it pops or the player doesn’t catch it, then that player has to pick up a full balloon, throw it up in the air and yell the same thing.  They are now out of the game and can sit to watch.  If the next player does catch the balloon, then they stay in and throw the balloon while shouting a new  number. The last player is the winner!

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