Around the World

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Can you figure out the secret of “Around the World”?

Number of participants: 3+
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: Nothing
Equipment: Nothing

“Around the World”  is one of those games that you muat figure it out as you play type games. It can drive people mad trying to figure it out. It is quite funny to watch but is aggravating for those that can’t. To play the game, you will go around to every player in the room saying the name of a city or country where you want to visit. An example could be that you might say Australia, and the next player would say Rome. The third player would say followed by Ohio. Basically you are just spelling  out the phrase ”Around the World” with the first letter of the countries or cities that are being called out. You can keep going until every player has figured the game out. You can even repeat by going through the letters of the countries and cities as many times as you like for those that need help to crack the code.

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