Alcohol Drink A to Z Bachelorette Game

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The person with the most listed, is the winner!

Number of participants: Not specified
For: adults.
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: Everyone gets a peice of paper and a pen.  They must try and name as many alcoholic drinks from A to Z.
Equipment: Paper, pen and knowledge of lots of drinks

Do you think you know a lot of mixed alcoholic drinks that start with a letter from A to Z?  Seems easy but it is harder than you might think.  Gather the ladies who want to play and have them sit at a table together.  Give each lady a pen or pencil  and a peice of paper. Now each lady must try to remember and  write down as many mixed drinks that they can think of to go with each letter of the alphabet.  Placing a  time limit could make it a bit more fun but is not necessary.  They can only add one mixed drink per letter to make it fair to the others.  The Lady with the most mixed alcoholic drinks on her list wins.  You can either hand out a prize or a free drink if you are at a bar.  Make sure to bring a book along with differnt mixed drinks  listed to make sure that they are listing real drinks.

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