Adverb Frenzy

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The entire group will discover side-splitting laughter is the only cure for this active word game.

Number of participants: 3-10
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: Before the game begins, write active verbs (walk, dance, run, jump, spin, etc.) on on ten of the index cards and adverbs (slowly, quickly, gracefully, wildly, nervously, etc.) on ten others
Equipment: index cards, pen or pencil, a watch or timer (optional)

Everyone is a winner in this noncompetitive group activity. The host has two decks of index cards,¬†one with verbs written on each card and the other with adverbs. Players are asked to draw one card from each pile, then the entire group must perform the action indicated for one full minute. Possible combinations could be “dance wildly” or “walk slowly” or “run gracefully” etc. Shuffle the cards in each deck between actions’ play at least ten rounds to loosen everyone up.

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